Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Homework for 30 June

Homework given today
Bring Chinese 二上课本 (by 1 July)
Bring Chinese 看图说话本 (by 6 July)
Revise on science biodiversity for test Slides Here (on 1 July)
English Journal Report (due 2 July)

Homework due tomorrow
SDM Form
Field trip to LKCNHM

Science Biodiversity test
Bring Chinese 二上课本

Monday, 29 June 2015

Homework for 29 June

Homework given today
SDM Form (due 1 July)
Field trip to LKCNHM (due 1 July)
Biodiversity Classification System presentation (due 30 June)

Homework due tomorrow
Biodiversity Classification System presentation

SDM submission

Dear all,

submit the sdm form that was given on 29/6/15.
Submit the form to me by wednesday(1st july)

Class Chair