Monday, 5 January 2015

Service Learning Project for S2-02

So, today during school, we discussed about what we should do for our Service Learning Activities.(Although  I saw some of you turned on your phones to play games, I won't say names.)

I think the video biography idea was the most voted, so I guess we will go with it. What I need for you to do now is to comment down below,  how you want to contribute to this project. It can be anything as long as it benefits our class. So, I will trust you guys that you will do something meaningful.

Thank you.

P.S. Also, do not try to do something that others already chose (Maximum per job: 2 - 3).


  1. I will be the video editor. (First! :D)

    1. First cause you posted it yourself -.-

  2. Can we also know when everyone is free so we can organise this trip when everyone is free? As i will be contacting St Luke's elder care to inform them that we are paying a visit.

  3. Wednesday and Friday, but others have cca