Tuesday, 6 January 2015



1. 做完词语的 Google Powerpoint Presentation


1. 带去年的课本。如果没有课本,就借朋友的课本来打印。Bring the last year  Secondary 1 Semester 2 textbook. If you threw away the book or misplaced it, please borrow a book from your friend and print out the chapters that we have not covered.

2. 带O水准华文口试最新题型 《看图说话》Bring the Oral booklet.

3. 带笔记本。可以带去年用过的笔记本。Bring your chinese notebook. You may reuse your last year's book.


1. 带华文课本二上. Bring the Secondary 2 Semester 1 textbook.

2. 带华文活动本二上. Bring the Secondary 2 Semester 1 workbook. 

Please purchase the books in advance if you have yet to buy them. :D

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